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bookcoverSixty-eight percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese.  The majority of these people yearn to lose weight and obtain a healthy, active lifestyle, yet lack the motivation and knowledge they need to change.


Diets don’t work.  Diets are restrictive, burdensome, and unpleasant.


Written in a friendly, narrative form, The Weight is Over is filled with heartfelt and whimsical personal stories intertwined with concise information.  Expect to be emotionally moved, experience times of reflection, laugh, and have numerous “ah ha” moments in this original, thought provoking, highly motivational, and honest Journey with the author.


The Weight is Over contains all the information and inspiration you will need to begin making wise decisions that lead to eating healthy, happiness, and weight loss, not just for a small period of time, but for a lifetime!


Book Tour…

Angela will begin her book tour in March 2017.  She will be available for motivational speaking engagements and/or book signings.  If you wish to contact Angela to schedule her for a speaking engagement or book signing, please contact her at –



“What a joy I have experienced using this book as a guideline to help me begin my journey to making lifestyle changes to improve my health.”

 – Norma Smith, beta reader

 “In today’s world of fast food, high fructose, and low information nutrition, it is refreshing to find a concise, common sense approach to healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle! I highly recommend this book as a how-to guide to living a long and healthy life.”

– Thomas Becker II, D.C.

Upcoming Book…

Watch for updates on Angela’s upcoming book “The Weight is Over, Family Edition – Opening the Eyes of Parents to a Lean and Healthy Family.” Each generation brings with it an increase in adult and childhood obesity.  This Family Edition of The Weight is Over is filled with encouragement, information, family fun ideas, and recipes that will arm parents with the tools needed to bring their entire family to healthy living and weight loss, all the while having fun and improving their family relationships.